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Our Story

Inspired Roman cuisine meets Abu Dhabi welcoming atmosphere, all served up by an award-winning chef.

From Rome...

At Localino, our story began with a desire to bring inspired Roman pizzas and pasta to our city, where options were limited.


We knew that quick service didn't have to mean sacrificing quality, so we set out to create a menu that would satisfy both taste buds and busy schedules. 

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... To Abu Dhabi

As founders with backgrounds in the hotel industry, we knew that we had the skills and experience necessary to make Localino a reality.


And with an award-winning chef who has worked in Italy and developed a deep love for its cuisine and products, delivering the authenticity and quality that our customers crave was an evidence.

Our mission

To connect our community with the best Italian food, and using farm to table ingredients while ensuring great value for money. But beyond that, we want to share our passion for food and hospitality with each and every guest who walks through our doors.

Meet the Founder

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